Rules and Regulations

The Bennett Cup gives Preston High School music students an opportunity to excel outside the classroom, and a chance to compete against their peers. However, these are not the sole reasons for the competition. It takes extra effort to prepare a solo. Attending to the details, managing rhythm and counting, working with an accompanist, feeling the intent of the piece, playing for the joy of playing – all combine to make better musicians, and ultimately, better people. All PHS music students are invited to enter every year.

Entrance Requirements:

Any Preston High School student may enter. No other competition is required as a prerequisite for entering. You may compete in more than one area if you desire (i.e. vocal and piano).


Judging is on the point system. The points from each judge will be combined with those of the other judges. The highest total points will determine the winner. In the case of a tie, the judges will confer.

Time Limit:

Because of the number of students competing, there will be a three (3) minute time limit for each participant. We would prefer to stop you at the time limit, rather than have you cut your piece.

Freshman Certificate:

Freshmen competitors will be awarded certificates of participation. This will give the first-time entrants a chance to “get your feet wet” without the pressure of winning. This will allow you to learn from the judging process and improve for the coming year.


You may win first place only once in each category. Second and third place winners may compete again. The winner will perform in the following year’s competition. Awards for first, second and third place will be given in each of the following categories: Piano, Male Vocalist, Female Vocalist, Instrumental and Strings.

Before Playing or Singing:

Before you begin the competition, you will be expected to announce your contestant number (not your name), your year in school, the name of your piece, the composer and your accompanist.

Deadline for Registration:

April1, 2023 Email your completed Bennett Cup Registration Form to Please indicate Bennett Cup Registration in the subject line. Check your form for errors BEFORE submitting.