Senior Project Information

Project Objective: The Preston High School Senior Project is a cumulative activity where students devise, execute, document, and formally present a multi-disciplinary learning experience. Successful completion of the project is required for graduation.

Project Supervisors: Jeff Sessions, Lorie Swainston, Clydelle Jones, Tamara Harris (SEITEC)

*Most senior project questions can be answered by watching the tutorial videos at the bottom of this website page.

Summary of Steps to Get a Project Approved

NOTE: Students may not begin working on any part of their project until their entire project plan is approved by senior project supervisors!

  1. Watch the tutorial videos (parents must watch videos 1-3) on this website page.

  2. Submit the “Parent/Student Pre-Project Understanding and Verification” form.

  3. Identify your topic and come up with a cross-curricular learning plan.

  4. Have a planning meeting with a project supervisor (Sessions, Swainston, Jones, Harris).

  5. Complete and submit the a formal project proposal for approval.

  6. Once all required revisions are made and the project is approved, students may begin to do the work.

Important Dates for 2022-2023 Seniors

The due date to have early start projects approved has passed (May 5th, 2022). NO PROJECTS WILL BE APPROVED FROM MAY 5TH TO SEPTEMBER 1ST 2022.

Links for forms can be found on the student's Senior Project - Juniors CANVAS class.